You will fall in love with VegyLove

Our burger is the cleanest, richest and healthiest alternative to animal protein.

Our ingredients

Following our philosophy of love and respect for our planet, we have made our pea protein burger achieving a spectacular result. You’ll get the texture, juiciness and flavor that you would expect from a traditional burger.

VegyLove provides 24 grams of protein per hamburger with a great digestibility, without cholesterol or the allergens contained in soybeans.

This is the highest quality protein that you can consume to completely replace animal protein, or to simply lower the consumption of meat.

Water, seasoning (sunflower oil, vegetable proteins (potato and pea), aromas, shea fat, spices, vegetable fibers, salt, methyl cellulose stabilizer, beet red coloring), pea protein (22.5%), vinegar powder.

Nutritional valuesPer 100gPer unit (110g)
Energy value (kcal)260286
Energy value (kj)10851193,5
Raw protein (g)22,224,42
Carbohydrates (g)8,29,02
          of which: sugars (g)0,50,55
Gross fat (g)15,116,61
          Saturated fatty acids (g)1,81,98
          Polyunsaturated Acids3,94,29
          Monounsaturated Acids9,310,23
Total dietary fiber (g)1,21,32
Salt – from sodium (g)1,791,97

Preheat the pan or grill to medium temperature. Cook for 3 minutes on each side.

The inside of the hamburger may be red after cooking. You don’t need to cook it any longer.

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